​HIIT Boot Camp

Get an intense full body workout in a small amount of time in this constantly varied exercise class that can be scaled to your fitness ability. Combines both cardio and strength training to boost calorie burning both during and after the class.  We will start with a dynamic stretching warm-up.  HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training.  You will complete an exercise for 1 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible), then will have 30 seconds to transition to the next exercise you will do for 1 minute AMRAP, etc. You will have 8 seperate 1 minute AMRAP exercises that make up a round, you will complete 3 rounds in a class.  This class will always be different types of strength and endurance exercises to keep your body guessing. (60 min)

LYFT Weightlifting
Learn Your Functional Training.  What is your body capable of?  Train your body in ways to make your quality of life better.  Make your body do things the human body is supposed to be able to do.  It will be tailored to your personal strength level and range of motion.  With a maximum of 6 people per class I can push you to new personal bests.  Push yourself harder and learn to lift correctly with proper form to prevent injury and maximize gains in this informative and focused fitness class.  Starts with a warm up specific to what we are doing that day, getting the body ready with some movements and dynamic stretching.  We will then complete a strength component  followed by a Metcon (metabolic conditioning) workout that generally ranges from 10-20mins.  Occasionally there may be a technique component as well.  We will end with a cool down and specified stretching or rolling to help our recovery.(60 minutes)


You may choose to do a HIIT or a LYFT format workout from the current weeks board, or maybe you want to work on something specific.  No matter what type of workout you choose to do during open gym it is sure to push you no matter your level or age.  I am there to guide your workout and help you find your strength and motivation for the day. Come see what your body can do today!  (60 mins)

F3 - Functional Fitness Forever

​Designed for seniors or lower mobility people.  Gain strength, stamina and flexibility in this easy to follow class.   You will learn to make your body work efficiently developing functional strength to increase your quality of life.

(60 mins)

A varied flow Yoga class with an emphasis on stretching for any level.  I will show beginner thru advanced options, your choice.  Learn to listen to your body and feel your strength, flexibility and balance grow.  Bring your own Yoga mat if you prefer, I do have mats for those that need them. (50 min)

Push your limit in this challenging and fun fast paced cycle class.  Run, climb, jump and freeze to push your leg endurance to new limits.  Driven by great music with easy to follow beat cadence, a 40lb flywheel and your personal intensity, this class will have you sweating, burning LOTS of calories and wanting to come back for more. (50 min)

This class combines the best of both worlds.  Beginning with 30 minutes of intense music driven cycling followed immediately by 30 minutes of yoga.  Burn off some calories and increase your strength, flexibility and balance in this fun, combined class. (60 minutes)