This is a constantly growing list of the goodies available to play with here at F3.

Titan T-3 Folding Power Rack-in lower gym
     w/ 1.25" and 2" Pull Up / Muscle Up Bars

Titan power rack w/1.25” pull up bar x2

Olympic Barbells w/quick collars

45# men's and 35# women's bars w/chalk tubs

Low Bounce Bumper Plates
255 pounds of weight in lower gym, for a 300lb max

     weight on 45lb bar. Additional 500lbs of bumper

     plates up top, plus over 350lbs of steel weights

Adjustable Plyometric Boxes
     24", 20", 16" and 12" settings

Titan heavy duty foam plyo boxes to 30”

Wall Ball Target Stripes w/ Wall Balls
     20lb, 16lb, 14lb, 10lb

Handstand Wall w/ AB Mat

53lb, 45lb, 35lb, 25lb, 20lb, 15lb, 10lb,

     plus adjustable kettlebells 

Adjustable Bench and flat bench
90 degree to decline

15 foot high Rope Climb
Can be used up top for jumping rope pulls

Single: 35lb. Pairs: 25lb, 20lb, 15lb, 12lb, 10lb, 8lb


Titan GHD Up plus Custom Setup down 

Ring Setups

The Human Trainer Full Suspension Training System

Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Rack
Full Inversion with Boots

Aerial Yoga Trapeze Swing

StrongBoard Balance Board

Bosu Ball

Speed ABs Trainer

Slamballs (up top)
45lb, 25lb, 10lb, 6lb

Weighted Fitness bars (up top)

    20lb, 15lb, 10lb

Multiple Sizes of Yoga Balls

Lots of Resistance Bands

Agility Ladder

Training Bar and Mobility Rollers

Large Whiteboards w/ markers

Acrylic mirror to watch form

Schwinn Airdyne Bikes x2 (up top)

Rowing machines x2 (up top)

Spinning Bikes (up top)

14 foot Warped Wall w/12' and 13' grabs