My name is Wendy Reichert.  I am an Air Force wifey (retired) and mother of two beautiful girls.  I have had a serious love for fitness and how the body works for over 20 years.  With my husband close to retirement I knew I would not be forced to move again and was able to start Flawless Form Fitness in September of 2017.  I finally have a fitness business of MY OWN so that I can do what fulfills my life.  Helping people discover what their bodies are capable of.  Improving their quality of life and discovering a stronger healthier version of themselves every day!

It started when I was going to college in Spokane Washington focusing on a Mechanical Engineering Degree and took a weightlifting class as a required PE credit.  I absolutely loved it, and discovered that I was naturally very strong for a girl.  My teacher was also the powerlifting coach and easily talked me into giving it a try.  So….I picked things up and put them down….and I loved it.  Unfortunately, long limbs and powerlifting are not the best mix, so my venture into the powerlifting world was not a forever love.  However, my love of lifting was not going anywhere.  The need to feel my body work at its potential was the driving force to change my life’s path.

The weight room was my new home.  I went from spending my time at a drafting table to spending it under a barbell.  I could no longer imagine spending my days designing on a computer, so I stopped all the engineering classes and got a Health and Fitness Degree instead.  During this time I also had my first daughter Skyler.  She is now 20 and is in college in PA  for Welding Engineering...class of '21! 

After working at the college gym for a while I got a job at Global Fitness as a trainer.  They were later bought out by 24HR Fitness where I continued to train clients and was lucky enough to be part of a brand new location opening.  Throughout those years I attained numerous certifications and extended training from associations like; NSCA, AFFA and ACE to name a few.  Along with training my clients I also began teaching all kinds of fitness classes.  I became Precision Cycling Certified and fell in love with running the spinning classes.  What is better than adding a 40lb weighted flywheel to your cardio training all to your favorite tunes?   I actually had a waiting list for my 8am Saturday morning class, it was a blast!

My fellow trainers talked me into trying out bodybuilding, loved the training, hated the eating, and again being a tall girl did not help.  While training for the Emerald Cup, the combo of intense training, teaching too many classes and the stress at work caught up to me and I became very ill.  I made the decision that bodybuilding was not for me.  Shortly after that I met and married my now hubby Dave and of course married the Air Force too!  

Sadly, the big gym industry was a little too concerned about how much stuff I could sell people.  I was still able to help a lot of people while working for them, my favorite being a tiny 82 year old lady that met me at 6:30 am to work out 3 times per week.  She made my heart melt when she said, “I thank God every day that I met you Wendy”.   I just wanted to help people by sharing my knowledge and love of fitness so that it could enrich their health and lives as well.  I left the big gym headache and continued my fitness journey as an Athletic Trainer at a local High School.

My athletic training room was a place of relief and torture.  Ever try to get a teenage boy to keep their foot in an ice bath for 10 minutes?  I had to have my 3 year old tattletale on them if they took it out!  It was a lot of fun working with the athletes through recovery and rehab of injuries and hanging out on the sidelines for all the home football and basketball games.  Soooo many ankles to tape!  I also continued to teach classes and clients at two YMCA branches and the Air Force base gym.

The life of the Air Force family moved us down to Del Rio Texas for three years.  Then off to New Jersey, where in 2009 I had my second daughter Alexandra.  She is now 10 years old and is a budding volleyball player.  Yes, that is an 11 year spread between girls.  In 2010 we moved here to Prattville.  It was during this time that I discovered my love for yoga.  As a lifter, I was always a little anti-yoga, but I went to the gym hurting from a previous workout and could not do my normal routine. There happened to be a yoga class just about to start.  I had always enjoyed stretching, so I tried it.  Why had I been so closed minded?  How did I not know how awesome yoga was?  The mixture of my love for lifting with the stretch and balance of yoga was the perfect fitness affair.  Yoga was here to stay! 

Time to move again.  Off to Sacramento CA where I found yet another love of fitness.  I discovered Crossfit.  In my many years of training people I did a lot of “Crossfit” types of workouts just because it made sense to me to always try to challenge the body to its fullest potential.  It was exactly what fitness training should be.  Thanks to Jason Murray the owner of Crossfit Restore, I was also able to teach a program I created called "Croga", Yoga for Crossfitters, into our recovery days.  So in 2016 I became a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer as well as a YogaFit Instructor.  Here at my custom gym I can use all the knowledge I have attained over the years to create the perfect mix of fitness programs for us to crush your goals! 

Let me help you help yourself.

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