Save $ with Monthly Class Bundles

If you attend 3 or more classes per week you can save $20-$40!

12 class bundle $100. Save $20

16 class bundle $130. Save $30

20 class bundle $160. Save $40

NO Contracts. Month to month.  Bundle classes are to be used per calender month, there is NO carryover.  Pay for your bundle when you attend your first class of the month via card, cash or check. You can then book your classes with the Vagaro mobile app or online. Contact me for more info. 


Get an intense full body workout in a small amount of time in this varied exercise class that can be scaled to your fitness ability. Combines both cardio and strength training to boost calorie burning both during and after the class.  (60 min)


Push your limit in this challenging and fun fast paced cycle class.  Driven by music cadence, a 40lb flywheel and your personal intensity, this class will have you sweating, burning LOTS of calories and wanting to come back for more. (60 min)

SPIN N' ZEN - $10

This class combines the best of both worlds.  Beginning with 30 minutes of intense music driven cycling followed immediately by 30 minutes of yoga.  Burn off some calories and increase your strength, flexibility and balance in this fun, combined class. (60 minutes)

LYFT - $10

This class focuses on lifting technique.  The "Y" stands for YOU.  It will be tailored to your personal strength level and range of motion.  With a maximum of 4 people per class I can push you to new personal bests.  Push yourself harder and learn to lift correctly with proper form to prevent injury and maximize gains in this informative and focused lifting class.  (60 minutes)

YOGA - $10

​A varied flow Yoga class for any level.  I will show beginner thru advanced options, your flow, your choice.  Learn to listen to your body and feel your strength and balance grow.  Please bring your own Yoga mat if possible, I do have a few extra for those that need them. (60 min)

DANCE FITNESS - $5 (Seasonal)

​Move your body to the beat in this fun and easy to do dance workout that is sure to boost calorie burning and your mood. Features aerobic/fitness interval training to varied music/dance themes that tone and sculpt the body. (50 min) Seasonal, or added once I have enough people interested.



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The longer you wait, the further you’re getting from your goal. Those calories aren't burning themselves. Make the commitment to be healthy. I will be your partner every step (or plank or squat thrust) of the way. Contact me for a free tour!

There's strength in numbers...

especially in our group classes.



MONDAY - 7:30pm

TUESDAY - 6:00am

THURSDAY - 6:00am


MONDAY - 8:30am

WEDNESDAY - 8:30am

THURSDAY - 6:00pm

FRIDAY - 9:00am

SATURDAY - 7:00am


MONDAY - 6:00pm

TUESDAY - 10:30am

WEDNESDAY - 6:30pm

THURSDAY - 10:30am, 7:30pm

FRIDAY - 11:00am, 4:15pm

SATURDAY - 10:30am

LYFT Weightlifting

MONDAY - 10:00am, 4:15pm

TUESDAY - 9:00am

WEDNESDAY - 10:00am, 7:30pm

THURSDAY - 9:00am

FRIDAY - 5:30pm

SATURDAY  - 9:30am


MONDAY - 11:00am

WEDNESDAY - 11:00am

FRIDAY - 10:00am

SATURDAY - 1:00pm


(Not currently on schedule, will add in Summer or when enough people are interested)

Option #1:  Check out the class schedule below and give me a call to get signed up for the classes of your choice.  You can then pay here at F3 via cash, check or credit card.  Class package/punch card purchases are available.  NO CONTRACTS, just pay for the classes you attend.

Option #2:  Click "Book" on the class listings below and add any classes of your choice to your cart.  You will need to create an account with Vagaro.  You can then checkout and pay for your chosen classes through Vagaro securely via credit card.  You can also download the Vagaro App onto your mobile device to book and pay for classes on your phone or tablet.


From Spinning to Yoga to Boot Camp, there's a class to fit your goals. Chances are, there's one to fit your schedule too. Even better-they're packed with motivated, not-afraid-to-sweat people who will inspire and push you to be your best.  All fitness classes are held outside either under my large carport and shade sail or in my cycle room for Spinning.  Enrich both your body and mind while you breathe in fresh air and look at nature not a stuffy enclosed box.  My fitness classes have a maximum of only 8 people for individualized attention to focus on proper form and technique to prevent injury and maximize results.  My classes are pay by class, NO CONTRACTS, only pay for what you attend.





8:30am  Spin N' Zen

10:00am  LYFT Weightlifting

11:00am  Yoga

4:15pm LYFT Weightlifting

6:00pm  Boot Camp

7:30pm  Cycle/spinning


6:00am  Cycle/spinning

9:00am  LYFT Weightlifting

10:30am  Boot Camp


8:30am  Spin N' Zen

10:00am  LYFT Weightlifting

11:00am  Yoga

6:30pm  Boot Camp

7:30pm  LYFT Weightlifting


6:00am  Cycle/spinning

9:00am  LYFT Weightlifting

10:30am  Boot Camp

6:00pm  Spin N’ Zen

7:30pm  Boot Camp


9:00am Spin N' Zen

10:00am  Yoga

11:00am  Boot Camp

​4:15pm  Boot Camp

5:30pm  LYFT Weightlifting


7:00am  Spin N' Zen

9:30am  LYFT Weightlifting

10:30am  Boot Camp

1:00pm  Yoga